About MD

Mapless Destination takes its name from Honey and Clover.  In one scene, Takemoto Yuuta decides to go on a bicycle trip around Japan to figure out who he is and what he wants to do, as well as deal with his feelings for Hanamoto Hagu.  Along the way, he reflects: “I realised why I was lost. It wasn’t because I don’t have a map, but that I don’t have a destination.”  The name is a reflection on the fact that often in life, even with a destination, there is never a map.

As Yuuta discovers, even without a map and a destination, he is still able to soak in the scenery around him without becoming overwhelmed by the uncertainties of life.  This site is a chance to relish and think about the things we can enjoy.

The idea to start Mapless Destination came from a suggestion by Prickly Pear to Trakand to somehow create a database of suggestions.  Basically, Trakand would be used every day as a resource of suggestions in film, music, movies, books, restaurants, and anime, so thus decided to start a blog to keep up to date on all good things.

So for you geeks and nerds without a direction, this is the blog for you. Let our tastes give you a recommendation for the right direction.


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