Immortals Review

22 Nov

Rating: ★

When I first saw this movie at a pre-screening, I went in with no expectations. I mean, I figured it would be like 300; thoroughly enjoyable but not a “good” movie. The reality wasn’t too far off the mark

It follows the story of Perseus, born of a bastard and chosen by the gods to fight the ruthless king Hyperion

Mickey Rourke plays the most amazingly sadistic and badass role ever. Despite being sort of typecast into these kinds of things, the script allows him plenty of freedom to be utterly chilling.

Things to watch for:

The fights. They are well-shot and choreographed…with that high of a budget, they better be.

The Gods kicking ass:

Action between Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto:

Bonus: For any breaking bad fans, Hector Salamanca makes a small cameo doing hit intense stare! Mickey is liberally dousing his face with gasoline while interrogating him.

All in all, pretty entertaining.

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Posted by on November 22, 2011 in Action/Adventure, Films


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